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S-line Digital Media Entertainment, LLC was established in 2014 by James (OG Smiley) Soil, the name S-Line comes from the neighborhood where he grew up in Venice, CA. Venice was once known as the ghetto by the sea or the "servants zone" by founder Abbot Kinney and one of the few places within a mile of the California coastline where blacks could own property. In the early 70's gangs began to rise in Los Angeles, The Venice Shore Line Crips were born and became a notorious violent street gang that preyed on rivals and any other gangs that came to Venice beach, yes Smiley was part of that activity. The Shore Line Crips were known in such a negative way he named his Company S-Line Digital Media Entertainment, LLC after his hood and uses the name now in a more positive light and to show Venice,CA in a different lifestyle.  

        Smiley did a stint in the U.S. Navy after that he was awarded a football athletic scholarship from Northwest Missouri State University where he graduated with a degree in Broadcasting/ Mass Communication. After working in Hollywood for 5 years behind the scenes on commercials, music videos and movies Smiley moved to Atlanta to work with his cousin Kevin Clark at his recording studio as a Studio Manager where he met and worked with some of the top Rappers, Producers, Djs and Club promoters in Atlanta. The studio closed after 10 years, his cousin went on to Manage Lil Scrappy and was responsible for getting him on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. With over 3,000 phone numbers and building numerous relationships in Atlanta Smiley started S-Line Digital Media Entertainment, LLC specifically designed to bridge the gap between serious independent artist wanting to break into the music industry. 

            Inking a life long Partnership with Ingrooves Music Group allows S-Line Digital recording artist global distribution on all digital formats worldwide. We are more then just a management company. S-Line Digital offers music video production services with some of the best up and coming directors and editors in the business, this summer we will be releasing our own sneaker called the Varizano/ S-Line Edition  handcrafted 100% leather and sued made in Italy, we have movies, books, clothing, hats and more coming. S-Line Digital is on the rise and will be one of the top independent artist management company in the world we don't just help independent artist take their music to the next level we build ever lasting relationships with all of our clients in the music industry!   


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